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About Us

How we were founded.

This story started when I was in junior college.

In school, the talk of university was perpetually in the air. Like most people our age, we could not wait to go to university.

And so we researched extensively about universities in Singapore and abroad. It was apparent, however, that it required tremendous effort to navigate countless sites searching for university-related information ranging from school accomodation to student loans. At the time, I couldn't believe that there wasn’t a website that could streamline the process for us, a university information aggregator to help us obtain all the information we needed efficiently.

And that was why I started uniplaybook, a new way for students to get the information they need.

Three things we believe looking up about university should be.


It should be simple.

Getting into university is stressful enough as it is. And so we made researching about it stress-free, enjoyable, and efficient.


It should be informative.

Students shouldn't be given information that is outdated, inadequate, or excessive. And so we made sure the information we provide is updated in real time and just what the student needs - nothing more, nothing less.


It should be comprehensive.

We believe all university-related information, ranging from student loans to laundry services, should all be found in one convenient spot. In fact, it should be as simple as click, learn, explore.